Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Change of focus, bigger screen size, reached end marker, and dying

So the most important thing I've coded today is the change of focus. This is used a lot to give some visual cues to the player. For example when he throws an arrow, the focus is now on the arrow (until the player decides to moves or the arrow strikes something). It is also used when he activates some lift and we want to show him what he activated. It will later be used when he clicks on the minimap and when we want to show the players the waypoints.

Another important thing is the concept of dying. Well the player doesn't really die. We just reset him to the start position. The player dies when he falls at a certains speed, or (when we have health and damage implemented) when health reaches 0.

I've also increased the screen size to 640 x 480.
And I've made a "very good" sign to appear on the avatars' icon that reach the exit point.
Also I've added the ping that is automatically sent every 10seconds and displayed under the respective avatar. Give's an indication of how much the latency is ;)

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Gaurav said...

Your game doesn't work I can't connect, fix that first