Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fixed some bugs and new help screen

Today I didn't do much as regards to new features. However, I've fixed the following bugs:
- arrow falling from help sign (this was actually funny)
- character not having right characteristics (was using a static variable pfff)
- tile glitch fixing (was moving the tiles with floating point and so some seams where appearing)
- initial speed of projectiles
- no aim for the runner (doesn't need it)
- some minor code cleanup

I've also tried out Sven's idea for zooming out. Ofcourse it was very crude... I just modified _xscale and _yscale of the _root movie, but still got an idea if it would be useful. Let's say that i need to feel it in a bigger level before I take out the guts of the level class to cater properly for this feature. The effect looks pretty cool though ;)

I also created a new help screen. Hopefully it gives a better idea of what keys are to be used and the characteristisc of each player.

Coming up next is the notion of having a focus point for the level. So I can follow an arrow, another player, or show the players where they need to go before they start playing.

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