Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prototype testing

So before you visit the link here is what the prototype is about.
- It shows a working scrolling platform level
- Editor mode (but please don't save anything for now ;) )
- Very rough multiplayer server without any smoothing, so you will see some jerking for now.
- Chat client (duuh)

The aim of the mini-level is for the players to reach the exit point (it's just a graphic though... no game-complete check for now). The players right now all have the same abilities, plus just for testing purposes you can keep on jumping as if you're flying... so you can browse through the level at your own pleasure hehe.
To reach the lifts switches, you need to destroy the cracked tiles in the beginning of the level. Switch the weapon to grenades (LSHIFT), and then aim with A and Z and hold and release space. To activate switches press (LCTRL).

Run the prototype...
(If it tells you connection failed, it's probably coz my PC restarted ;) )

Coming up:
- Smooth multiplayer movements
- Mouse scrolling to see the level
- Mini-map
- Different character capabilities.
- Match making

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William said...

Hey man, its me will, the engine looks smooth enough. just to inform you tha tI'll be soon taking a proper course in photoshop.