Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feather/Hay Particle system

I'm working on a simple game for someone, and I needed to create a particle system for hay / feathers... you know you fall on a stack of hay and puffffffffffffff <atchoooo hayfever hehe>.The particles gravity decreases as time goes by, until they reach a certain speed when falling, and then they start swaying... like feathers do. Pretty cool ;)

Needless to say, I can reuse this code in some other game :D

Also yesterday I tested the prototype with Sven and Alex and there were some glitches but it looks promising. Today I will be working on the prototype so I will send all of you the link for testing as promised.

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William said...

I've did a little particle work mainly around bouncing objects with gravity in my MCAST years. I was wondering if you could work some very basic zig zag movements on the feathers ont he way down, since thye wil be obviously animated on thier own, the swaying left and right will add to that swingy mellow falling of feathers.