Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Different characters, arrows, grenades and parachuting

I've just introduced the different character abalities. Each player will choose the player he wants to play with, but for now for debugging purposes I can just switch between them by pressing 1,2 and 3. :)

He jumps high enough to reach a 2 block high platform
He has a bit more acceleration and more speed
No projectiles

He has a medium jump
Medium acceleration and speed
Fires arrows

Explosives guy
He practically doesn't have a jump, but when he's falling he has a parachute so he can reach places where others would die if they try to.
He's a bit slow
Fires grenades

I've improved a bit the graphics for the grenade (including a timer) and also the graphics for the arrow. I've also pasted the static concept art we have for the avatars. They look cool even if they aren't animated yet ;)

I'm going to start working on the lobby system. Need to think a bit before starting coding.

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