Monday, May 28, 2007

Sucky flash comboboxes

I wanted to use combo boxes (aka dropdowns) for when editing a help sign to make it easier to show what the user is selecting (rather than entering 1 for the shooter actor).

The first problem I encountered was the depth of the rendered list when you click on the arrow to the discover the list. It doesn't use the depth of the combobox itself. It somehow uses it own shitty depth which would render behind the tiles in the level. (So that is why I'm pushing them to the side of the help sign so that the lists are visible at least).
Update: this problem has been temporarily solved by swapping the depths of the related tile when entering edit mode, so that it is not hidden under some other tile.

Secondly if I set the selectedindex while i'm loading the level (using a class file and not in a frame coz in a frame it works fine), the selectedindex is set alright, HOWEVER the combobox is not rendered right... it is just blank. WTF!!! So I had to save the selected index value in a temp variable, and when we switch to the editor mode, I set the selectedindex to the temp variable value.

If anyone has some idea why this happens and any solution for this... leave a comment or email me. Don't have time to waste on such stupid things...
on to the next thing...

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