Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Aiming and some bug fixes

I've implemented aiming and strength.
The player can now aim where to throw projectiles (arrows and grenades) by pressing A and Z, and when he's ready to shoot he presses the spacebar to start charging the throw and on release, the projectile will be fired according to the strength given.

I've also done some minor bug fixes, minute details like I forgot to move the projectiles in the scene if I panned the level, destructed tiles where been selected wrongly (was destructing the undestructables ones hehe).

I've also started working on some graphics for the tiles coz I got bored looking at spheres, rectangles and triangles :). I stuck in an avatar from maple story MMO (not animated ofcourse for now). Yesterday night I tried firing up MAX to start working on a chibi character until Ganni makes a cool character, but damn it I forgot everything in MAX argh. I'm happy using the current avatar for the time being rather than waste hours to do something really ugly in 3d :)

Above is the first screenshot with pre-alpha graphics, everything is temporary.
Below is the game in level editor mode.

You can barely see the cross hatches to highlight the corners of the tiles. To the right you have the currently available tiles and you simply select the tile you want to place and just click where you want it to be.

Coming up next is a semi-decent playable level, then I will re-visit a bit the server code and then I can post the link here for you to see the prototype in action.

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