Saturday, June 2, 2007

Trolls and ActionScript3

I have started coding the trolls which currently are very simple objects that just move horizontally. Nothing really intelligent.

I have also started learning a bit about AS3 (about time huh?). There are some new concepts which I'm reading about. It seems like they have taken a good direction into scrapping a lot of stupid stuff that was in AS1/2 like movie depth assigning ... they have have gone for a display list approach. I will comment more once I will start using it. They have changed so much that you have to read a bit about migrating the code to AS3. So I think it will be time well spent ;). Especially because of the optimizations they have done. FINALLY we have int and uint! (instead of just Number class), i.e. optimizations can be done by the compiler. Also no more removeMovieClip... you just set the reference to null, and a movie will be garbage collected.

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