Tuesday, April 3, 2007

game development blog started

So I've decided to start taking some notes on a new project I'm trying to get together. The project is another game, this time a multiplayer cooperative platform game.

The game will be played in flash and the server will be java-based.

So far we got a very basic chat client working, and players can connect and control a ball for now and can just go left to right. But the data is broadcast to the connected players. Currently we are simply broadcasting the keystrokes and where the ball stops. Any discrepancies are interpolated smoothly at the client side, so we avoid jerking as much as possible.

Also I've started working on the level editor, so I can easily create levels to test on. This is also flash based and will be as user friendly as possible for other users to use it when the prototype is decent enough. The filesaving is done via the server too so this should make it easier for users to share their content later on.

I will try posting some screenshots tomorrow so a record is kept of the progress of the visuals as well :)

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